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The watch is a common daily basic thing that tells us time and also has the must-need in dressing outfits on different occasions. It has many uses in our daily life it tells us the value of time and helps us in our daily routine. Here are some of the best watch under 5000 to choose from.

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A great accessory that starts from our daily routine and helps us every time. If we say that watch is a common thing that may be wrong because it has a thing called time that has the power and ability to change everything. It is also a key part of our memory that tells us about our past old memories and many more. Watch in other words we can say lifesaver. It allows us to know if we are on time or if we are getting late. If we took a look at some impressive high-quality watches that tells us why they are so expensive. They are expensive because their body design lives longer and their beautiful structure has the power to make a person fall in love with him. Once a great person said a watch is not expensive its time was expensive and not a billionaire or a billionaire can afford this. So now we are taking a look at some best beautiful watches in an affordable range.

Does affordable watch are of bad quality?

If we talk about some affordable watches then this question was wrong. because affordable watches are also much good and have better build quality with beautiful designs. The thing that makes the watch bad is the material that was used inside the watch and bad material has not much life. Many good brands are selling their products at affordable prices with good materials and beautiful designs. Every range of watches either high or low has the same ability to show the time but their beautiful design with better finishing makes them expensive and good looking which affects the personality of a person.

Some best watches are under 5000

There are some best watches under the range of five thousand with beautiful designs and good productivity. Before suggesting to you there I told you which types of watches I gonna show you in this article.

What types of watches are under 5000?

There are some quality branded watches in the range of five thousand. So here are some premium smartwatches having the Range starting from one thousand to five thousand.  Every watch has the best quality features like fitness modes, sport mode, activity tracker, camera, and music control many features help you to make the thing easily with Bluetooth facility & Health facility.

Our best picks.

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smart Watch

Price –                              Rs 999.00

Brand –                              Noise

Colour –                           Olive Green

Special feature –             Heart Rate Monitor

Age range –                     Youth

Target Audience –          Unisex

Display –                          LCD

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Best Watch under 5000

A beautiful lime green smartwatch of the noise company has the best feature at one thousand prices within different modes like Sport mode, stress, sleep, and heart rate monitoring. Beautiful product of the brand Noise with model name Pulse having style Color Fit Pulse grand colour olive green with screen size 1.69 Inches for the unisex youngsters with LCD (liquid crystal display.

Noise Pulse 2 Max Advanced Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

Price –                        Rs 1,499

Brand –                       Noise

Model Name –          ColorFit Pulse 2 Max

Style –                        Modern

Colour –                      Black

Screen Size –               1.85 Inches

Special Feature.        Heart Rate, Blood    

                                    Oxygen, Sleep Tracking,             

                                 Activity tracking, Breathing.

Branded Best Watch under 5000

Another product of the Noise smartwatch with many superior advanced features is a smartwatch with Bluetooth calling  1.85 Display.

With smart DND, 100 days battery, 100 Sports mode for men and women. Having great features for Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Tracking, Activity Tracking, Breathing, and many more.

Casio Vintage Series Digital Grey Dial Men’s Best Watch under 5000

Price –                         Rs 1,695

Brand –                         Casio

Band colocolor             Silver

Case shape –               Rectangular

Warranty –                     2 years

Branded Best Watch under 5000

Premium watch of the brand Casio for the man and women with quartz movement having stainless steel silver band with case diameter 33mm with mineral glass. This watch has good build quality with premium features like an Adjustable Buckle LED light

 1/100-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 59’59.99″ Casio has a beautiful premium watch collection within different ranges.

Vibez by Lifelong Best Watch under 5000

Price –                         Rs 1,999

Brand –                        Vibez

Case Material –          Plastic

Special feature –        Activity tracker, Sleep

                                      Monitor,  Oxy monitor,

                                       Breath monitor.

Branded Best Watch under 5000

Another Smartwatch of the brand Vibez was a high-quality beautiful black watch with a Bluetooth call notification system. It helps us outside. It has a 1.85Inch large touch screen with high resolution. watch also has the voice assistant feature that makes him more profitable. Watch has a black metal strap with different modes for only one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine rupees.

Boat Flash Edition Smartwatch

Price –                          Rs 2,099

Brand –                          Boat

Screen size –               1.3 Inches

Colour –                         Lightning black

Special Feature –          Multiple Sports Modes,        

                                        Activity tracker.

Branded Best Watch under 5000

A black beautiful watch by the brand Boat Company has different features like an activity tracker and multiple sports modes with a beautifully designed camera and music control with seven days battery life the combination of black and blue make the watch good looking. Producer has the target youth customers unisex teens and unisex adults.

One Plus Nord Black Best Watch under 5000

Price –                     Rs 4,999

Brand –                    Oneplus

Series –                   Oneplus Nord watch

Style –                     Modern

Colour –                  Black

Screen size –         1.78 Inches

Branded Best Watch under 5000

The black premium product of Oneplus Nord With a 1.78 AMOLED display has 10 days battery life with heart rate, street monitor, women’s health tracker, and multiwatchesatch features many more things. it’s a modern style watch with a breath monitor, calendaring & Activity tracker many features that makes the watch superior.


The smartwatch has new-generation features that make things simple. With different types of features like Bluetooth calling, fitness modes, sport mode, activity tracker, camera, and music control many features help you to make the thing more simple than vintage and analogue watches.

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