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Top 8 Best Laptop Brands Latest in 2024


From the office to house we all need a laptop for doing work or for the entertainment purpose. According to the increasing need for laptops and desktops, it’s our present and future and without this, there is nothing in this world because it’s our daily basic needs. But the main thing is in choosing the best laptop brands. Because there are many laptop brands like Lenovo, Apple, Acer, HP, Xiaomi, Samsung, and many more brands that have excellent features within various ranges. if we talk about some affordable cheap brand laptops then they are not bad but we have to compromise in this with processor, storage and many more things and having fewer features. If we talk about some expensive laptops then they have excellent features with high-quality resolution and high processors with maximum storage and many more things. That helps him in performing well. the laptop is a basic thing that helps us to get knowledge about technology. so we start our article and suggesting you some best laptop brands at affordable prices.

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Some Best Laptop Brands

1. Dell

2. Asus

3. Apple

4. HP

5. Lenovo

6. Acer

7. Xiaomi

8. Samsung

Now we are suggesting to you some best laptops at affordable prices with high-performing Technology performance with a minimum amount of thirty thousand to a maximum amount of seventy thousand.

• Laptop under 30,000

• Laptop under 40,000

• Laptop under 50,000

• Laptop under 60,000

• Laptop under 70,000

Some best picks

Best Laptops under 30,000


• Laptops under 30,000 is a mid-range of laptops that is suitable for all types of work except high-performance, professional gaming.

• picks of some of the best brands like Lenovo, HP, and Asus.

• these laptops are in various screen sizes.

Best Laptop Brands – Lenovo E41-55 Laptop (AMD Athlon Pro 3045B)

Price –             Rs18,495

Brand –            Lenovo

Series –            E41-45

Colour –             Black

Hard disk –        1TB

RAM –                4GB

CPU Model –     Athlon

Best Laptop Brands

This product has got 3-star out of 5 customer ratings. A beautifully designed product of the Lenovo company series E41-45 has black colour with a height of 19.9mm and a width of 25.2 cm with an Athlon processor with 2.3 processor speed and 8GB Ram size that is good storage capability with 32GB maximum memory supported. this PC has a 1TB Hard Drive size that is also good with an integrated card description with a 2gm lithium battery and 1 kg 850g item weight.

HP 14s, Intel Celeron N4500 Best Laptop Brands

Price –                25,490

Brand –                 HP

Model –               CeleronN4500

Colour –              Jet black

RAM –                    8GB

Hard disk size –     256 GB

Operating System –     Windows 11 Home

Special feature –        Micro Edge Display HD

A beautiful product of HP with a 3.7-star rating out of 5 stars. It’s a 2022 Model 14s-dq3037tu with good internal storage of 8GB RAM and DDR4 RAM Memory technology With SSD Hard disk description and Window11 Operating system. This also has a 2.8GHz Processor speed and integrated card interface that helps the laptop in performing well and PC also has a Lithium-ion battery with all types of wireless connections and it’s a lightweight product having 1kg 460 gm weight.

HP 245 G8 689T3PA laptop

Price –              Rs 27,999

Brand –               HP

Colour –              Black

CPU model –        Ryzen 3 3250U

Hard Disk size –        512 GB

RAM –                       8GB

Special feature – a slot of memory card

A beautifully designed HP product with 3.2-star ratings out of 5. it’s an HP245 G8 series black laptop. With 14 inches display with having 2kg item weight 0.26 gm lithium battery weight and Windows 11 SL operating system.

ASUS VivoBook 14 (2021)

Price –                Rs 28,990

Brand –               ASUS

Model –               Vivobook 14 (2021)

CPU model –       Pentium

RAM –                    8GB

Hard disk size –     256GB

Special features –  Fingerprint sensor, Backlitchiclry keyboard

One of the best picks under the range of thirty thousand Asus beautifully designed product with Intel Pentium silver N6000, 1.1GHz Base Speed having 3.9-star ratings out of 5.

Its model year is 2022 and has an integrated card description with 720p resolution. This laptop was so lightweight having 1.5kg weight with an average battery life of 6 hours.

Best Laptops under 40,000


• Laptops under 40,000 are best-performance laptops with good features.

•Laptop with i3 and i4 Generation.

•some best brands like Lenovo, HP, and Dell.

Best Laptop Brands Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Core i3-1115G4 11th Gen

Price –                          Rs 32,990

Brand –                          Lenovo

Model –                         Ideapad 3

Colour –                        Platinum Grey

RAM –                           8GB

Operating system –      Windows11 Home

Screen size –                 15.6 Inches

A beautiful product of Lenovo with 4-star ratings out of 5. Having RAM size 8-12 maximum. With lithium polymer batteries and this laptop also have an LED display with Intel processors and 256 Flash memory installed size and a lightweight 1.7kg weight. the laptop also has an 8-hour average battery life.

HP 15s,11th Gen Intel Core i3-1115G4

Price –                     Rs 37,490

Brand –                     HP

Model –                   15s-fq2673TU

Hard disk size –        512GB

RAM –                         8GB

Colour –                    Natural Silver

Another beautiful product of HP 11th Gen Intel core i3 with Processor & Memory: Intel, Core i3, i3-1115G4, 4.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM with 512 GB SDD and 512 GB Hard disk drive.

With15.6 LED display.  Integrated Graphics Type, Intel UHD Graphics, and many features with a 1-year warranty. the laptop has a 4.1GHz processor speed and i3 generation with a 1.6kg weight and a 4-star rating out of 5 stars.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Core i3 12th

Price –              Rs  39,990

Brand –             Lenovo

Model –              IdeaPad 3 15IAU7

Colour –               Arctic Grey

CPU model –         Core i3

Screen size –          15.6

RAM –                       8GB

Another product of Lenovo Ideapad with Intel Core i3 12th Generation with 4.1-star ratings out of 5 stars. The model year of this product was 2022 it has RAM size from 8GB to 16 GB maximized with an Intel processor 4.4GHz speed and a 15.6 LED display with 1080  high resolution weighing 1.6 kg. The laptop also has 10 hours of battery life and 5G cellular technology.

Best Laptop Brands – Dell Vostro 3420 Laptop,12th Gen Intel Core i3-1215U

Price –                      Rs 39,990

Brand –                       Dell

Model –                   Vostro 3420

Screen size –          14 inches

Hard disk size –        512GB

Colour –                    Carbon black

RAM –                         8GB

CPU model –           Core i3 Family

An excellent product of Dell company with 4.1-star ratings out of 5. It’s a Vostro 3420 model in the year 2022 with flash memory 512GB installation with window11 operating system and 1080 high-resolution LED screen weighting 1.48 kg laptop also has an integrated card type description and intel 0.9GHz speed processor.

Best Laptops under 50,000


• Laptops under 50,000 are the best features of the laptop.

• Some best quality like Lenovo, Asus, and HP.

• excellent processor with FHD Display.

HP 14s, Ryzen 5-5500U

Price –                   Rs 48,490

Brand –                     HP

Series –                  14s- fy1003AU

Colour –                   Natural Silver

RAM –                     16 GB

Operating system –      Window11 Home

Screen size –          15.6 inches

The beautiful product of HP series 14s-fy1003AU of natural silver colour has 4GHz processor speed with maximum 16GB RAM and 512GB Hard drive size with 9 hours battery life and 1.7kg light weight. laptop having a 4-star rating out of 5.

HP Laptop 15s, 12th Gen Intel Core i3-1215U

Price –                          Rs 43,490      

Brand –                        HP

Colour –                      Natural silver

Screen size –              39.6cm

CPU model –               Core i3

RAM –                          8GB

Operating system –    window11 Home

An excellent product of HP 15s-fq5007TU with 4.4GHz intel processor speed having 512GB Hard drive size with 16GB maximum RAM size. High-quality resolution of 1920×1080 and 39.6 I’m LED display with 4.1 Star ratings out of 5 and It was 1.6 kg light weighted.

Best Laptop Brands ASUS Vivobook 16X (2022)

Price –                        Rs 46,990

Brand –                      Asus

Model –                      Vivobook 16X 2022

Colour –                    Transparent silver

Hard disk size-        512 GB

CPU model –               Ryzen 5

Screen size –              40.64cm

Operating system –       Windows11 Home

Another beautiful product Vivobook 16X

With 4.1 star ratings out of 5.  Having an excellent AMD processor of 4.2GHz and 1200p high resolution with LED display of aspect ratio 16:10  with 8 Hours battery life and 1.8kg light weighted product also has some excellent features like a 720p HD camera with privacy shutter.

Lenovo Ideapad 3 AMD Ryzen 5 5500U

Brand –                       Lenovo

Series –                     Ideapad

Screen size –            15.6 inches

Colour –                       Arctic grey

CPU model –              Ryzen5

Hard disk size –              512GB

RAM –                              8GB

Operating system –      Windows 11Home

A beautiful product of the Lenovo series Ideapad with 4.2-star ratings out of 5.

And having a 2.1 GHz processor with 8GB RAM and DDR4 memory technology with 7 hours of battery life and is 1.65 kg lightweight.

Best Laptops under 60,000


•Excellent processor laptops

•Gaming laptops

• i5 processor laptop

Xiaomi Notebook Ultra Max 11th Gen

Price –                     Rs 53,999

Brand –                    Xiaomi

Model name –         Mi Notebook

Colour –                   Gray

Hard disk size –          512 GB

Screen size –              15.6 inches

CPU model –                Core i5

RAM –                             16GB

A beautiful product of the Xiaomi Notebook with 4.2 state ratings out of 5 with an excellent processor of 3.1GHz and 512GB memory storage capacity with Windows 11Home operating system and 1.7kg lightweight.

HP 15s, 12th Gen Intel Core i5

Brand  –                     HP

Model –                   15s

CPU model –         Corei5

Hard disk.  –          512GB

RAM –                      8GB

Colour –                    Natural Silver

Screen size –             15.6 inches

Amazing product of HP with 4.2-star ratings out of 5 with a 2022 model year core i5 4.4GHz processor speed and integrated graphics card description with high resolution 1920×1080 FHD display having 1kg 690gm weight.

Acer Aspire 5 Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5

Price –                       Rs 56,989

Brand –                        Acer

Colour –                       Gray

CPU model –             Core i5

RAM –                           8GB

Hard disk size –         512 GB

Screen size –                15.6 inches

Operating system –         windows 11Home

The best Acer gaming laptop with 4-star ratings out of 5. 2022 model year with Intel 3.3GHz core i5 processor speed with RAM with maximum memory size 32GB with RAM installed size 8GB full HD display with 1.8 kg weighted.

Best Laptops under 70,000

• Excellent processor laptop

• i5 processor laptop

• Gaming Laptop

HP Pavilion 14 12th Gen Intel Core i5

Price –                          Rs 65,990

Model –                       HP Pavilion

Screen size –              14 inches

CPU model –               Core i5

RAM –                          16 GB

Operating system –       Windows11 Home

Colour –                         Natural silver

 Best product under the range of  70,000 with 4.1-star ratings out of 5  with RAM size 16 GB and Intel processor 4.4GHz corei5.

A light weighted 1.4kg laptop with an LED display having 1280×720 p high resolution.

HP Victus Gaming Latest AMD Ryzen 7 5800H

Price –                  Rs 67,989

Brand –                   HP

Colour –                  Mica silver

RAM –                      8GB

CPU model –            AMD Ryzen 7 5800H

Operating system –     Windows 11Home

Another gaming product of HP with 4.3-star ratings out of 5 And has the AMD processor brand with 4.4GHz speed and 8 GB RAM size with DDR4 technology and 32 GB maximum memory supported. The laptop has 2.48kg heavyweight.

ASUS TUF Gaming A15

Price –                Rs 67,989

Brand –                Asus

Model –                TUF Gaming A15

Colour –                 Graphite black

CPU model –           Ryzen 7

RAM –                        8GB

Screen size –            15.6 inches

Operating system –      Windows 11 home

An excellent product of Acer with a gaming laptop having 4.3-star ratings out of 5.

With  8GB RAM size and 512 GB hard drive size with 1080 high-resolution LED laptop weight 2.3kg.



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