All Top Banks Customer Care Numbers in India

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Each and every one of us is a client somewhere. One of the exceptional places where we seek great customer support is – in our banking part of life. Well, all top banks provide that without a doubt. But, the best way they do it is through their customer support services.

Who is the first person we call when something goes wrong with our banking or its associated finances?

Yes, the customer support of our banks. So here, we can look at the number of customer support from the top Banks in India and why they are actually important to us.

Customer Care Number of Top Banks in India

Here is a update and current list of customer care support numbers of the top banks in India:

  • SBI Bank –

1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800 (toll-free), 1800 1234 (toll-free), 1800 2100 (toll-free) 080-26599990

  • HDFC Bank –

1800 202 6161 1860 267 6161

  • Yes Bank –

1800 1200 (toll-free) +91 9552220020

1800 258 8181

  • Axis Bank –

1860-419-5555 1860-500-5555

  • Citibank –

1860 210 2484

  • Bank of Baroda (BoB) –

1800 258 44 55, or 1800 102 44 55

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank –

1860 266 2666

  • IDFC First –

1800 10 888

  • Standard Chartered Bank –

6601 2424 / 3940 2424

  • Karnataka Bank –

1800 425 1444 080-22021507/22021508/22021509

  • HSBC Bank Personal Loan –

1800 266 3456, 1800 120 4722

  • Tata Capital –

1800 267 6060 (toll-free)

  • IIFL Bank –

1860-267-3000 7039-050-000

  • Federal Bank –

1800-425-1199 1800-420-1199

  • Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Personal Loan –

1800 208 2121 (toll-free)

  • IndusInd Bank –

022 68577777, 022 44066666, 022 42207777, or 1860 267 7777

  • Bank of India (BoI) –

1800 220 229, 1800 103 1906, or (022) – 40919191

  • IDBI Bank –

1800-209-4324, 1800-22-1070, 022-67719100

  • South Indian Bank –

1800 425 1809, 1800 102 9408.

  • RBL Bank –


  • Bank of Maharashtra –

1800-233-4526 1800-102-2636 (toll-free)

Tip: Before contacting the bank’s customer service centers, it is recommended that you review the FAQs section on the bank’s website. That’s where you might find the solution to your query. Virtual assistants are also available on some banks’ websites. This will help you in getting answers to all your questions.

In case there has been no clarification upon going through the FAQs and utilizing a virtual assistant, customers are recommended to write emails or call the bank on its customer service phone number.

Ensure that you contact the bank on the right phone number to avoid being victimized by fraud.

What Is Good Customer Service in Banking?

The banking industry depends upon prompt and efficient customer service. Customer service remains the most important part of banking operations. Fast, reliable service builds bridges with customers, decreases complaints, and adds business.

It is vital that banks provide good quality customer service because without this customers are not appreciated, are unable to make your complaints, and increase whole consumer loyalty.

Why Is Customer Support in Banking So Powerful?

At present, financial institutions are among those who spend most for new customers’ acquisition. Getting new clients may require one to spend five times as much as it costs to keep retention of existing clients. As a result, it is critical to use the appropriate measures to improve customer service in banking.

In different businesses, customer service means different things, but it always boils down to the same basic element: offering exceptional levels of service to your clients.

Customer service has become more important: As customer expectations change, rivals perceive customer service as a competitive weapon for differentiating their products and services.

Customer expectations are changing: Customers now are more demanding and intelligent than they were thirty years ago. But, a relationship strategy is required To guarantee that a customer service strategy that creates a value proposition for customers is developed, implemented, and managed. It must be given a central position rather than being swamped by the numerous aspects of the marketing mix.

How are Banks Trying to Improve their Customer Support Services Lately?

Banks today are taking big, giant steps towards better customer support services. How is that possible? They have been implementing a few strategies.

  1. The monitoring of end-to-end journeys (creating a 360° view).
  2. Delivering personalized experiences to every single customer that comes to them.
  3. Conducting training sessions and developing interpersonal skills for their executives and support teams.
  4. They are enabling a knowledge base for self-help of customers (this works two-way, reducing the burden on the customer support department and enabling easier outcomes for the customers).
  5. They have been leveraging a banking chatbot.
  6. They have started to offer instant and real-time support.
  7. They have been developing an omnichannel experience for everyone.
  8. They accept and solicit customer feedback to make sure everything goes well.
  9. They are putting in efforts to revitalize digital experiences for their customers.
  10. They have started to make use of Contextual Data.

Now, all of these strategies might not be a key factor taken up by everyone – but they are, in fact, strategies that are being tried.

So, if you really need some help with your banking – go ahead make that call to customer support.


Every business needs customer support, especially when it comes to dealing with money and finances. It can really stress out a customer to know his money has gone missing, he has made a wrong transaction, lost his banking essentials, and so much more. We need to keep tabs on our hard-earned money; that’s a given. This is why the customer support services of banks are so important in our everyday lives. They play a major part in the banking sector, not just here but all around the world.

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