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BlogWhich One To Choose Google Finance Or Yahoo! Finance?

Which One To Choose Google Finance Or Yahoo! Finance?


Yahoo! Finance is a component of Yahoo!
It provides customers with stock captions, financial reports, original content, and press releases in regards to Finance It also offers numerous methods for managing personal finance It has been part of Verizon communications It has been attracting a lot of people who are as well as aren’t interested in the field of finance.

It provides us with valuable tools that are required for personal finance management.


It is the most straightforward task one can perform. Follow the steps with utmost care :
Make a rapid API developer account.

  • Sign up.
  • Go to the Yahoo Finance API pricing page.
  • Select the pricing plan as per your need.
  • After selecting any endpoint, click the test endpoint.

Internet from the very beginning has revolutionized the financial as well as non-financial industries. One can share information with lightning speed.

Lakhs of financiers can research on various topics. They can analyze the prevailing situations in the market on their own.

Yahoo Finance in India and abroad.

Yahoo finance is known for its offering. It provides valuable tools to manage shares, stocks, and whatnot. It is one of the best non-paid finance-related sites.

The layout of the website makes it very easy to understand. The homepage provides recent news, quotes, financial declarations, and whatnot. One can easily view the full stories by clicking on them. On the right side of the site, one can easily see the More Market Stats.

One might find options for their interest.

Portfolio Tracking helps us in the following portfolios. Syncing with a mobile device can increase the functionality of the collection page.

Non-Professional Investors can act as a Professional with the usage of data given by Yahoo! Finance.


It is a website that provides finance-related information to its users It gives a tough fight to its competitors.

It is much high in demand.

One who possesses a portfolio of shares, securities, and whatnot always look forward to these websites.

Every financier likes to improve its knowledge of shares, bonds, securities, and so on. However, they take help from Google Finance as well as Yahoo Finance. Google Finance provides customization as per an individual’s requirements ( in regards to his shares, bonds, etc. )
It doesn’t depend on advertisements.


For this, one needs to follow some steps :

  • One needs to create a Google account.
  • Create your portfolio.
  • Join Google Finance Discussion Groups.

How to create a PORTFOLIO?

Open the Google Finance home page.

  • Click on the Portfolio’s link, which is at the top.
  • Click Create a Portfolio.
  • After naming the portfolio, one can start adding it.

After adding, one can simply view it in different ways:

Overview mode helps us in getting a brief detail
regarding the change in percentage, price, market value, current market trends, and whatnot about the shares, stock, etc.

Fundamentally mode helps us in viewing the transactions.

It is flexible because one can easily change its Portfolio as and when required.

Google Finance in India as well as abroad.

Making money has been everybody’s dream.

Google Finance has always served a better platform to research various bonds, shares, and whatnot. A newbie finds it very interesting and easy to learn about stock investment on this platform. It gives us an idea about numerous strategies to make money.

One such strategy is ETF’s.

One finds it difficult to choose; however, with the help of this strategy, things will be selected for an individual.

Let us elaborate with the help of an example.

If one doesn’t know in which stock to invest in, there will be already selected ETF shares/stocks for customer’s benefit.

It provides numerous financial-information about various companies operating in the market. Its portfolio tool is par excellence.

With the aid of the World Markets Section, one can compare his/her country’s stock market with that of another. It helps us in understanding the Stock Market trends worldwide.

Currency Section helps in seeing the stacking up of currencies.

Sector Summary is one of the most important of all the tools available. It helps us to understand how various other sectors are doing on a global scale.

We can easily use the PSE ratio to know about various stocks.

Google finance helps in tracking of our holdings.

Google Finance VS Yahoo Finance

Google Finance vs Yahoo! Finance
Image Source: personal-finance.in

We all have ample reasons to compare them both. They both have given a tough fight to their opponents. They have been leading the list for years, They are easily accessible since they both are free. Their Finance-related information is crucial for financiers and investors. Both websites have multiple features to facilitate investment-related activities, stock – holding, and whatnot. They both have given fair competition to their opponents.


  • When compared to Yahoo! Finance Google gives a lesser time to its finance-related website ( Google Finance )
  • Google Finance provides customers with a lesser description when compared to Yahoo! Finance.
  • However, irrespective of the Gigantic name Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance is much more popular.
  • Google Finance attracts more customers through its brilliant advertising techniques.
  • Google Finance is much behind than Yahoo! Finance as in Unique Visitors.
  • Google Finance adapts itself to a unique style of representing things. It has the edge over Yahoo! Finance in this.


Investors and Financiers prefer both Google Finance as well as Yahoo! Finance. The source of information provided by these websites is unique. Through the report, one can easily make money online.

Careful screening of the information is necessary. However, a misunderstanding of information is shared in this field. Investors and Financiers must devote a considerable amount of time to ace in the area of making money online.

Investment and Stocks can be a win-win situation. The users of financial information must always be positive irrespective of the circumstances as in market changes, stock prices, and so on. In the modern era, a newbie in the world of finance can also easily make money online using these websites.

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