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Personal FinanceWhat is Personal Finance? How it affects an individual?

What is Personal Finance? How it affects an individual?

Personal finance is the most exciting word for finance lovers. It is a broader concept which includes saving and investment.
Budgeting, banking, insurance, and mortgages are the components of it. Personal finance includes the whole financial industry which not only provides financial services but also advises about financial and investment activities.

Personal finance refers to the meeting of an individual’s financial goals. It also deals with short-term financial requirements.
Personal Finance depends on regular expenses, income, saving patterns, the family wants, and so on.

In simpler words, it means a meeting of goals and wants within the income ceiling. You need to be smart enough to deal with financial problems. Don’t take hasty decisions.

Methods of Managing Personal Finance.

Some methods to manage Personal Finance are -:

1. Make a Budget

The very first method of managing personal finance effectively is by devising a budget.
You can simply keep track of your daily expenses and income. Budgeting is very essential for a happy and healthy living.

You all can simply divide the money income into three parts –

  • A. 50% on basic requirements like food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.
  • B. 30% on maintaining a happy lifestyle.
  • C. 20% on saving and investment.

We all are living in a digital world. We all can simply install a number of budgeting applications. This saves our time and effort. Applications like Mint and YNAB have aced the race of competition in the field of budgeting applications. These applications provide regular tips.

2. Debt Limitation.

Limiting debts is one of the easiest ways of managing personal finance. Don’t spend more than you earn. Don’t forget your limits.
However, sometimes taking debts can be fruitful. Before entering into a debt agreement, careful analysis is necessary.
Leasing is more beneficial than taking a loan.
Taking debt for the purchase of an asset can be beneficial.

3. Keep in mind that you have a family.

It is an emotional method of managing personal finance.
Everyone needs to protect the assets in their custody.
You can take up insurance policies. Avoid taking debts against your assets. One must keep reviewing the policies to ensure accuracy.

4. Plan for a happy Retirement.

An individual needs to make a proper plan for a happy Retirement.
You need to start early. It arrives early than an individual expects. Start investing in proper retirement plans. Try to make use of a Tax-advantaged plan fund like an IRA. IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account.

What is Personal Finance?
Image Source: Pixabay

5. Try saving taxes and invest the same.

Due to complex tax structures, one gets trapped in it. Try to pave your way. Don’t jump into the trap. One can maximize their savings through proper usage of tax allowances and exemptions. A tax deduction reduces the taxable salary income.
Make fruitful use of tax deductions. Try investing the same into productive ventures.

6. Set appropriate goals.

An individual can manage personal finance by setting meaningful as well as achievable goals. There is no need to think about savings, investment, and whatnot. Try to think out of the box. Make appropriate strategies. An individual can start with setting short-term goals. Don’t ever set unrealistic goals. Failing to achieve it will demotivate oneself. Mindset is key to one’s success.

7. Investing your money.

We have really talked a lot about investments. Investing money in an effective way is an art. It can be mastered through the trial and error method.
Before investment, keep checking the market trends. Make a deliberate analysis of your investment. Make proper usage of platforms like Betterment and Wealthfront.
Go through eToro which allows an individual to copy the activities of successful entrepreneurs and investors. If one is new to investments then take maximum help of Robo-advisor.


These were the seven major methods of managing Personal Finance. Nowadays, citizens are less aware of the concepts of personal finance.
The youth lacks knowledge regarding personal finance. Basic awareness levels must be spread. Managing personal finance effectively is considered to be pivotal for achieving success.

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