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TaxKnow Everything about e-filing ( What, How, More)

Know Everything about e-filing ( What, How, More)

In India, every citizen who has a government job or private job or even their own business everyone has to pay the tax. If your income is more than 5 lakhs then you have to pay the tax. The word e-filing means electronic filing. It is related to income tax returns. When you want to do income tax return to file online then you can do it from your home. You need not go to the income tax office. The e-filing can be done from your laptop or even from the mobile phone with just an internet connection. This is the best way to avoid the rush and queues. Whenever technology is implemented then it has a great impact on human life. The online e filing not only becomes easy but it can be more advanced and accurate. The income tax returns can be done easily by e filing.

Why e-filing

The e-filing started just to ease the public and the officers of income tax. The chance of inaccuracy is also very less and you will be able to do it easily from your home.

Benefits and advantages of e filing

When you are able to do your work then it benefits everyone in many different ways. This can save time and extra expenditure. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Freedom from the long queues:– If you are an old taxpayer and had filed your income tax offline. Then only you may understand it. In the old days when the tax was filed from the office then there was a long queue and it takes much time to file the income tax return. Many people also break and queues and this leads to some quarrel among them. But when the e-filing starts, it eases all these difficulties and one can file the tax return from his home.
  • Officers and other staff of the office also get benefited: When there is a huge queue then there will be more tension this is true. Sometimes it becomes really tough when you have to handle the long queue. But the main tension was to make scrutiny of the files of every taxpayer. But because of the online this all processes are done by the computer. It can save the time and energy of the officers. Also, there is more chance of mistakes by the human effort as compared to machines. So the computer not only does it very fast but also it does it very accurately.
Everything about e filing
E-file Image Source: personal-finance.in

Who is exempted and for whom it is compulsory?

At the start of this financial year, the government has announced that it will be compulsory for every taxpayer to do e filing. But later it was allowed that senior citizens and the small taxpayer can avail this from the office in offline mode. They can file their tax in papers in the income tax office. However, if they are willing to do this online then they can. This means that they have both ways open. E filing is one of the important and effective moves of government which benefits everyone who files the income tax. The taxpayer whose income is amongst the 5 lacs slab can file the income tax online and offline. The super citizen (age above 80) can file their income tax return in offline mode

Points to be noted:

You can get both forms (for offline and online) from the income tax website and office.
They had also provided a toll-free number for assistance and help regarding the e file income tax.

What is difference between the income return and income tax?

Yes, there is a difference between income tax and income return. When you file pay income tax, it means you are giving information to the government regarding your income and expenditure. However, income return means when you are under the category of tax payment then you have to pay the tax.

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