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What happens when you stop paying your credit card bill


Every bank issue credit card to their respective consumer, who want. Credit cards are used by many consumers of a particular bank. Credit cards are very useful to each and every one consumer individually. Every shopping, purchasing and spending done through your credit card in a time period has to pay the amount or bill after it, this is known as credit card bills.

Every bank has its own bill cycle like 45days, 50days, and 52days. Bill cycle varies from bank to bank. You have to pay your credit card bills during the grace period. But due to some reason, some consumers do not pay their bills. Let’s look at what happens in this kind of situation, what actions take against you if you do not pay your bills.

If you are a credit card user and do not pay your bills it will affect your financial life very badly. The company charges you late fees, high-interest rates, and damages your credit score if you don not the bills after the reminder of the bank.

What happens when you stop paying your credit card bill
What happens when you stop paying your credit card bill


Late fee is the very first action taken on you for not paying the credit card bills Late fees are added to your credit card account continuously till you do not pay the bills. Another is your minimum monthly payment increases because the bank wants that you make a payment you have as soon as possible. As you do not pay the due payment your minimum payment will get exceed and late payment fees with minimum payment both are sum up and added to your credit card account.


Bank credit billing department will start contacting you by message, call, and email, etc, to remind you that your credit card account payments are pending and for submitting it. Reminding you is a fully legal practice, you cannot stop them to remind you about the payments of your credit card account, and it is under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. Few days behind your credit card account bill payment banks remind you about the payment becomes frequent.

After you’re avoiding the payment reminders become raucous in the tone of the bank. When you over your payment date by 90 days, the bank will send you a settlement offer to you, in which you can pay some percentage of you total credit card payment (including late fees and minimum charges) in an around figure payment offer you to by the bank because they think something is better to have then nothing.


As you do payment but late, this will be added to your credit reposts you become 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 days late. These activities will make bad your credit and can ruin your credit score too. A credit score is one the most important thing to borrow loans like home loans, car loans, etc; it is also important to issue a credit card too. According to your credit score, your banking life is decided by the bank in the future, it is not a good option to ruin credit score. But these activities will hit your credit score and it is not better for the future. Ruin’s credit score will also show its effects on job life too.

Finally when you do not pay your credit card bills, after 6 months your credit card account will automatically be frozen by the bank officials. This will automatically ruin your credit report and you will no more able to apply loans, credit cards, etc. A warning released against you to every bank that you defaulted on a credit case.

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