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BlogWhat does equity fund mean? Is it for everyone? (All datails here)

What does equity fund mean? Is it for everyone? (All datails here)

Definition of equity funds

This is the scheme in which money is invested in stocks of the company or shares. The equity fund helps to invest common people to buy companies shares and help them to invest like a professional. This can be also called a growth fund or also called a stock fund. The name stock fund is derived from its function. It is mainly of two types.

Active funds

In the market, many types of stocks or companies are available for investment. This is the type in which all shares and companies available in the market are closely observed. After observing the whole working and growth of the companies the money is invested in that company. Then this is called active equity fund. This is done with the help of experts and advisors.

Passive equity funds

In this scheme, people don’t observe much about the market. They just try to go with the names and brands. The companies which are very popular take advantage. People go and just buy shares of highly reputed companies. In this type people just follow the history of the market and the reputation of the company. In this scheme, not much experience or expertise is required. Just go what the tradition is going.

Although, these are further divided on the size of the company in which you want to invest. The manager makes a portfolio of the company according to them the investor can invest. The equity fund’s size depends on the market capitalization and according to that value, it again categorized.
The other category is made under the circumstances of domestic and foreign companies. There are some other equity funds which are for business sectors. The sectors like health, commodities, or even real estate are considered in this.

equity fund mean
equity fund mean Image Source: personal-finance.in

Is it best for the investment

The cost or price of the fund depends on the net asset value than its liabilities. If it has a more diversified fund that means there should be a less negative impact on anyone’s stocks adverse cost movement on the net portfolio. These funds are useful for more number of people. It managed by highly qualified and well-experienced professionals. The transparency is also available. So these facilities made it quite beneficial and attractive for a large number of people. Still, it has some risk but the chance is very less.

Is it for everyone?

Yes, this is for everyone. This feature makes it more attractive and highly capable of investment. It has a large number of funds available at different costs. In the mutual fund sector, this is one of the most attractive funds and it has a large number of companies and options are available for investment.

In present-day more than 9000 mutual funds available in the market. It consists of all types of sectors such as healthcare, defense technologies, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Many equity funds are categorized into those for capital acquirement or pursuing income or even both. This is not seen occasionally in other funds. The other mutual funds mainly focused on capital acquirement or capital appreciation. So that the stocks in the portfolio will get a hike.

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