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BitcoinBitcoin halving means? Explanation

Bitcoin halving means? Explanation

We know that the halving of Bitcoin is going to do on May 11, 2020. To know about bitcoin halving we must know about the operation of Bitcoin network operation.

The networking of the nodes and collection of computers, laptops, and nodes all whole world is called a blockchain. In this system or blockchain, all computers which are connected have all the information about the transaction done in bitcoin and also every system has whole transaction history and also has complete information due to this huge networking it is impossible to hide from other which provides great transparency. As the number of computers and nodes got connected the stability, power, and participation all increases. The current situation is that about 10k nodes active in Bitcoin code.

What is bitcoin

Before knowing other terms 1st we have to take a small view on the definition of bitcoin. It is a digital currency that was made in 2009 which use the Peer to Peer technique for facilitating payments. It was the idea given by the “Satoshi Nakamoto” it is difficult to explain his right identification.

bitcoin halving
bitcoin halving

What is Bitcoin Mining

It is the process where people use their systems to connect and participate in Bitcoin’s network or blockchain as a transaction helper. The system uses by Bitcoin is called as “proof of work” which means that people involved in mining must give proof that they put a good effort in the process of the transaction in which reward is going to be provided. In this process, much effort is required as well as the time and energy it takes to run the computer hardware and solving the tough and complicated equations. Persons involved in the mining are called miners they also do mathematical problems and confirm the legitimacy of any occurred transactions.

What is “bitcoin halving”?

Every 200,000 blocks or approx every 4 years, the reward is given to miners for process the occurrence of the transaction is reduced in half. The halving is the rate at which new Bitcoin is released for circulation. This is the way of Bitcoin by which a synthetic form of inflation which halves in almost every 4 years till all bitcoin is released for circulation.


A path or guide to understand what is the definition of blockchain is and about its working and how it can be done in firms. So the definition says that – it is a dispensed, without centralization and people ledger. In simple words, blockchain is an arrangement of connecting the blocks. It is made from two words so the chain of blocks or linking of blocks is called a blockchain.

So, in conclusion, we can say that the halving of Bitcoin means that the rate at which bitcoins are available all over the world in now will be available at its half price. This may increase the largest regulation of bitcoins all over the world because the demand for the bitcoin in steady and its price is halved. So, this is the view on the halving of bitcoins.

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