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BlogTips For Investing In The Stock Market ( Warren Buffett advice)

Tips For Investing In The Stock Market ( Warren Buffett advice)

One of the famous American investor, business tycoon, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Here we will discuss some of the great tips given by him to new investors who want to make his carrier as an investor. He is ideal of all whole world those who love to deal as an investor or want to work as an investor. He is the person who has always one of the most famous investors of the world, He is also well known for point to point talking and always give investment ideas or advice is timeless. If anyone who wants to be an investor must follow the warren Buffett tips for investing.

Investment in your well known field

According to Mr. Buffett “The simple way to make no mistake is getting involved where there is no complexity”. He always guides to followers that never go the field in which you have no idea or the investment and working of the company is complex, always give priority to the simple and easiest way.

No compromise with the quality

He has an investment of above fifty years. In his career, he always gave priority to simple companies but never compromise with quality. He doesn’t believe in short term opportunities. Always prefer long term deals for continuation in his growth. It doesn’t mean that he never fails, the famous Berkshire Hathaway has flourished from his worst investment.

Hold the stock with you

Once in a show, he was asked that- if you get good business at very low cost then how long it to be held by?- replying to this he said if you get a good business then what is the need to sell it. From this, we can easily conclude that he was in favor of holding the business for a lifetime.

Avoid diversification

He once said- “you will observe that major equity belonging to him are relatively few. We select such investments on a long term basis”. He was totally against diversification and this quality made different quite different from other investors. This quality-made him a master in this field.

Warren Buffett tips for investing-1
Warren Buffett Image by chiplanay from Pixabay

Healthy competition and honest work

He always used to say that always be honest with your work, gives your 100%. Try to keep healthy competition with your competitors. Learn whatever you can ignore that quality which doesn’t suit you.

News is noise, not news

This was one of the famous believes. He always used to say that there is a huge difference in noise and news. Take the noise and avoid the noise. He told that he always tries to predict the news from its headline and choose to read only those which are meant to him.

Take investment as simple as you can

According to Warren Buffett- “no need to be a rocket scientist, investing in just a simple way and see it as a simple game not very much IQ is required, just use and utilize your potential”.

It’s not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid.

Charlie Munger.

Idea of making difference between price and value

According to Buffett, an investor must have a good idea to differentiate between the price and value of the commodity. According to Phil Fisher – “The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything but the value of nothing”.

So, these are some of the important tips and famous ideas of warren Buffett as well as some other. Hope, this ideas will be loved by everyone.

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