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Stock marketUpcoming IPO List in 2021 India

Upcoming IPO List in 2021 India

Here are some of the things you need to do before Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Do you know what an IPO is and how it works and do you know if it is good or bad to invest in companies with an IPO and Upcoming IPO List in 2021 India?

An Initial Public Offering is a process by which a private company can go public by the sale of its stocks to the general public. It can be a new or old company that decides to be listed on an exchange and hence goes public.

An IPO is generally initiated to fill the new equity capital to the firm, to raise capital for the future, to ease the trading of the existing assets, or monetize the investments made by the existing stakeholders.

With the help of investment banks, a company that offers its share is also known as the issuer. The company’s shares are traded in the open market after the IPO.

To hold an initial public offering the company must be required by exchanges and securities and exchange commission(SEC).

An IPO can also be seen as an exit strategy for early investors, and founders realizing the full profit from their first investment.

Types of IPO

The two types of IPO are

  • Fixed Price Offering
  • Book Building Offering

Fixed Price Offering

In a fixed price IPO process, the company along with their underwriters evaluate the companies assets, liabilities, and every financial aspect. Then they work on these figures and fix a price for their offerings.

The fixed per issue is therefore printed in a document. After considering all the quantitative and qualitative factors the price is fixed. The demand for stocks in the market can only be known once the price is issued. The investors partaking in this IPO must pay the full prices of shares when they make the application.

Book Building Offering

The concept of the Book Building offering is new to India compared to other developed countries. There is no fixed price but a price band or range in a Book building offering. The lowest and highest price band is referred to as ‘floor price‘ and ‘cap price‘.

The investors can bid for the desired quantity of shares they would like to pay and depending upon the bid the stock price is decided. The ultimate decision regarding the price of the shares is determined by the investor’s bids. The demand is known each day as the book is built.

How the initial public offering works

Before an IPO, a company is considered private. A private company needs capital that is way beyond its ability to generate through small business and there are very few options for management to work out within its capital.

The best methods to do so include public investment, taking debt, or private investment through an IPO.

When a firm hires an investment bank or banks to take care of an IPO it process gets started. It can be taxing for a company when it chooses to sell its shares on its own.

The bank hands over its bid to companies that go public on the money they earn and will make into IPO. An investment bank which process taking care of IPO is called underwriting.

Investment through an IPO

The company and investment bank talk about how much money they think they aim to raise from the IPO when the investment bank is hired to do the role then it’s a type of securities to be issued, and all other related-details are mentioned in the underwriting agreement.

The bank presents registration statements when both the bank and company comes under the terms of the underwriting deal which has to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This statement contains information about the particular company and its offerings including management and any legal problems who owned stocks before the company goes public.

Then the SEC investigates and ensures about the company’s detailed information submitted whether all the data is relevant and disclosed. The SEC works with the company when everything is approved, and they set a date to post about IPO

IPO Initial Public Offering finance business concept on green blackboard

After its approval, the underwriter put together its financial information on the company which is doing IPO.

There are many IPOs in India and Upcoming IPO’s in 2021 India are listed below and this will benefit you to know and choose which IPO is available in the market and what profits you gain from them.

Upcoming IPO in India 2021

Company NameIPO size of approxTentative date
Studds accessories limited450crJanuary 2021
Suryoday small finance bank LtdNAJanuary 2021
Stove kraft limited(pigeon appliances)500crJanuary 2021
Sigachi Industries LtdNA2021
Heranba industries LtdNA2021
Dodla dairy Ltd500cr2021
Zircon Technologies LtdNA2021
Chartered speed Ltd275cr2021
Stove kraft Ltd500cr2021
Harsha Engineers Ltd500cr2021
Narmada Biochem LtdNA2021
Century metal recycling Ltd700cr2021
Penver products LtdNA2021
Sembcorp Energy India LtdNA2021
Lodha developersNA2021
Capricorn food products India LtdNA2021
Nazara technologiesNA2021
Patel Infrastructure LtdNA2021
John energy limitedNA2021
Aakash Education serviceNA2021
Anmol Industries LtdNA2021
Senco gold limitedNA2021
Ami organicsNA2021
Flair writing industries limitedNA2021
AGS Transact Technologies LtdNA2021
Coldex limitedNA2021
Shyam Metallic and energy limitedNA2021
Anand Rathi wealth management LtdNA2021
Crystal crop protection LtdNA2021
Penna Cements LtdNA2021
Barbeque Nation Hospitality LtdNA2021
Reliance general insurance company LtdNA2021
National stock exchange NSENA2021
KIMS hospitalsNA2021
Lite bite FoodsNA2021
National insurance companyNA2021
Indian Renewable energy Development Agency LtdNA2021

IPO List in 2021 India

Indian Railways finance corporation LtdNA2021
Sandhya Marines LtdNA2021
Atricia Convergence Technologies LtdNA2021
GR Infraprojects LtdNA2021
PNB met life insurance LtdNA2021
Shakun Polymers LtdNA2021
Fino bank payment LtdNA2021
Montecarlo Ltd(construction company)NA2021
Puranik Builders LtdNA2021
Vectus Industries LtdNA2021
Miltec Machinery LtdNA2021
Bharat hotel limitedNA2021
Muthoot microfin limitedNA2021
ASK Investment managers LtdNA2021
Sansera Engineering limitedNA2021
T&T infra limitedNA2021
Inventia healthcare limitedNA2021
NECCON Power & Infra limitedNA2021
Emami cement limitedNA2021
Shriram properties limitedNA2021
Powerica limited800cr2021
Bajaj Energy limited5400cr2021
SAMHI Hotels limited2000cr2021
HDB financial services Ltd9000cr2021
JEEJAY Surrendera Park hotels Ltd1000cr2021
National commodity derivatives exchange Ltd(NCDEXIPO)1700cr2021
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd(TCIL)1500cr2021
WAPCOS limitedNA2021
Jai Kumar constructions LtdNA2021
BVG LtdNA2021
Zomato LtdNA2021
Brookfield Asset Management REIT LtdNA2021
Blackstone-panchshil Realty REIT LtdNA2021
Lava International LtdNA2021
Aditya Birla Sun Mutual Fund LtdNA2021
Indigo paints LtdNA2021
Nureca limitedNA2021
Laxmi Organic Industries LtdNA2021
Craftsman Automation LtdNA2021

Important Tips For Investing in an IPO

  • How you can select an IPO
  • Know how to utilize the funds
  • Apply at a cut-off price
  • Evaluate the company’s prospects in detail.

Companies that are expected to go Upcoming IPO List in 2021 India?

  • Airbnb
  • Instacart
  • Doordash
  • Wish
  • Poshmark
  • Qualtrics
  • Payoneer
  • Robinhood

Upcoming IPOs in India 2021 that are set to dominate the market with Kalyan jewelers, indigo paints, stovekraft, food delivery app unicorn zomato are in the pipeline.

And if the government fulfills its promise of making the nation’s powerful financial organization LIC public then 2021 will be the record year for IPO as LIC will command its worth assets which will run into trillion rupees.

The biggest among the IPO candidates is Kerala-based jewellery major Kalyan jewellers.

India one of the fastest-growing consumer economies is having companies that are expanding their size and want to go public to raise their capital there is a huge interest from both foreign and domestic investors for consumer-focused firms.

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