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opinionThe greatest paradox of being wealthy (do you know?)

The greatest paradox of being wealthy (do you know?)

When a person who belongs to middle-class family sees a rich person there always comes in his mind that he has no problem for and tension in life.

But, is that true? Does money gives everything? The answer is no. It is true that money can give you a lot but can’t give you everything. There are many paradoxes for the rich people because of that they are unable to get some special moment of life. There is a great difference in life of average earning people and money man. The reality is quite different from the appeared. Even we are unable to see them and they are unable to express them.

This is true that they are money man and don’t have any economic problems in life. But, rather than economic problems, other problems are also in their life. A wealthy people have some different paradoxes in their life. Let try to find out some of them.

Have to follow lot of protocols

The life becomes more complicated when you have more barriers. People who are very rich have many protocols and that should be followed strictly. Even if they have to attain a party then there are also some protocols to be followed. They can’t meet everyone and can’t express their feeling eventually. Lot of security issues also bounds their life.

Unable to give time to the family

It is true that when you have lot of money then you have to work a lot. It is told that a reach person works even he is sleeping. They have really a very tough schedule which should be followed strictly. If you are too busy then you will not be able to give time to your family. You would be very away from your family and children even you are living with them. Very few people who are able to manage so. So just becoming reach is not important but you have to manage other things also.

Always to be well diplomatic

You have to live always a well disciplined life with proper punctuality. It is good be punctual but it start working as a barrier when you have to be punctual. You have to very diplomatic all the time and everywhere. Some conditions occur when one is unable to attain the social and family gatherings.

Lonely man stands - The greatest paradox of being wealthy
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It may hamper your freedom

These things which are discussed above will leads to make your freedom affected. People have to get away from many social activities which he really wants to attain. This somehow affect you freedom or this may lead to distancing from your friends and family. You will be unable to take care of your child or even unable to know what they want.

Excess busy

You have to attend a lot of meetings and different diplomatic gathering. After that many seminars are always ready to take your time which is really important. In this condition it is said that you have everything but nothing for you. Getting busy is not bad but always be busy is not good.

Social life dies

When we see the above discussed points it will give you a notice that all these leads to death of socials life. There are some conditions also available in which you really don’t want to work but have to. Many a times you are not in mood to ignore that but you have to ignore. This might be a party or any social gathering. Even the parents-teacher meeting in your child’s school could be left.

So it is said that money can give you luxurious life but can’t give happy life. The happiness which comes from your family when you spend time with them will be quite different. There are much more paradoxes in many rich people life which can be feel only by those who have to suffer. Some rich people even want to spend quality time with family but can’t do. They have lots of work which can’t be ignored. Many meetings and diplomatic gathering are available for them. I hope you had enjoyed the analysis. If you have any suggestions then please comment.

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