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InvestingRs. 60,000 pension per year, just by saving Rs. 7 per day

Rs. 60,000 pension per year, just by saving Rs. 7 per day

The scheme is atal pension yojna. One of the most influential pension scheme for the unorganized sector people. In this scheme you may get a pension of Rs. 5000 per months just by giving Rs. 210 per month.

Atal pension yojna is a social security scheme. The scheme is available for those who are working in unorganized sector. The scheme will help you to get pension from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000. The scheme is available for the people who are in the age of 18-40 years. Any person under this age group can open their account in this scheme and can get benefit. The most important and interesting is that people will get more benefit those who had brought the scheme is early age. See in detail

How much one who have to pay who are in age of 25 years

If you are at the age of 25 years then it is not possible to be of 18 years. But, I you want to get pension of Rs. 5000 then you have to deposit Rs. 376 per month up to the age of 60 years. After the age of 60 years you will start getting pension every year. This is a perfect scheme for the people working in unorganized sector. If any husband or wife death happens then the other will get the profit.

How can you get by paying Rs. 7 per day to a pension of 5000 per month

India rupee occupation - atal pension yojna
India rupee occupation Image Source: Pixabay

When you are at the age of 18 years and working in unorganized sector then this could be helpful for you. If you start paying Rs. 210 per month from the age of 18 years then it will give you pension of Rs. 5,000 per month till your death of your life partner. So this is one of the most famous and very help scheme of the government. The scheme can be availed from any government bank or even from the post office. You have to go and register there. By doing the KYC and after opening the account this will benefit you.

From where you can get the scheme

One of the most attractive part is that if the pensioner dies then his/her spouse will continuously getting the pension. Even the child can also get benefit of it. Another important facility in this scheme is that this scheme will help you to save tax under the section of 80C which is quite attractive. You can avail the scheme from any government bank or post office. One person can get only one account under this scheme.

Well, this is the detail of Atal Pension Yojna (APY). Everything in the scheme is discussed very smoothly and in proper way. Hope you had understood after reading the article. This is one of the most important schemes provided by government of India till now. This will benefit everyone who are in the age of 18 to 40 years from farmer to shopkeepers. People of every section has enjoyed and welcomed the scheme.

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