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BlogBest Way To Start Investing ( know ? Why Mutual Funds )

Best Way To Start Investing ( know ? Why Mutual Funds )

I started saving too late. It was not that I did not like saving and investing. The reason for saving late was to make money late. But when I started saving, I chose mutual funds. In the mutual fund, it does not matter whether you have knowledge of investment or not any normal person invests in it. Mutual funds are for everyone and anyone can invest in it.

1) It’s easy to start with

Investing in Mutual Funds is very easy. You do not need much knowledge and much money for documents to invest in Mutual Funds, you need your bank account and PAN card details. No need to bother with a Demat account and stuff. And now with the Groww app services, it becomes even simpler with paperless sign-ups and you can make your first investment in any mutual fund in just 10-15 minutes.

2) You can start with what you can manage.

As I said earlier, you can start investing in mutual funds with very little money. In mutual funds, you can start at Rs 1000 per month. Although I too started with Rs 1000, we recommend you start from Rs 5000 to reach your goal faster.

3)No more knowledge and research required

If you do not know anything about the stock market, you can still invest in mutual funds, you will find a lot of blogs on the internet or videos on YouTube that you can choose the best fund to meet all your financial needs. We will help or you can contact us also. And you can also read our blog. Today there are many apps in the market which have made it very easy by investing in mutual funds. And they also help you choose a good fund from your financial needs.

4) You can use them for almost every investing time frame

Invest in mutual funds(MF) according to your time frame. You can invest in MF for a few months just want to keep some money for a few years? It is also covered with debt fund options. or a few years. From 3 months to 30 years, MF come in such types that cover almost all the time frames.

gold coins tree
gold coins tree

5) For every goal

You can invest in mutual funds according to your goals. You can save your tax, move abroad, buy your home, buy your dream car, etc. MF can meet almost every conceivable financial goal.

6) smartest way to create wealth.

Wealth creation is not easy and yet easy. And if you invest in the stock market without investing knowledge, then it will be like gambling for you. And it takes time and effort to understand equity investment and we all do not have that luxury. Hence equity MF have put experienced and skilled people at the helm. So they make equity investments for you and you just invest money.

7)You can get better returns than what your bank returns to you

If you want to avoid inflation and stay ahead, equity is the answer. With a history of 14% -16% returns on average over decades, equity mutual funds have proven that they think longer.

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