Online Credit Score Checker: Credit Score Check Free

Credit score plays the most important role in any type of loan application process. After giving loan applications, any bank first checks your credit score. If the score of your credit score check free report is low, then you may face many problems in getting a loan.

Online Credit Score Checker

A good credit score means a lot to you. If your credit score is good, then loan approval can be done very easily. Some many people are not aware of how to check credit scores for free.

First of all, let us tell you that there is a company named Transunion CIBIL Limited (Credit Information Company Operating In India).

Who releases it is based on your Finance Transaction. There is a 3 digit score, its score range is between 300 to 900. Which is based on the credit history of the consumer, by collecting the credit history of the consumer from the Finance Department and the credit score is determined based on that history.

How can your Credit score check free before the loan can be done?

In simple language, we can say that if you have taken a loan from the bank, Repayment (EMI) is paid at the right time, then your CIBIL score will be good and in the coming time, you will get more chances of getting people.


The same, if you have not paid the loan properly, many times the checks of the consumer bounce. If you have made a late payment, your credit score may be low in this situation. You may face many problems. If you have a low credit score, then you will have to correct it. You will have to pay correctly from time to time. Do not keep any payment and overdue. Credit Card Bill Payment should be done from time to time. Pay any type of loan EMI on time. Review your credit history throughout the year Credit Score can be improved to a great extent.

How can you check the Credit Score online?

You had to pay a charge from ₹ 500 to ₹ 1200 to know the CIBIL credit score. But now many types of companies have come. Which provides you FREE Credit Score check online Report like through website Paisabazaar.Com, Policybazaar.Com, Bankbazaar.Com where you check credit score online and many more companies are present.

How to Get a Credit Score check Free by using a missed call system.

Recently, a company named Wishfin has started a new service. Consumers can get credit scores online through WhatsApp for free. This company has partnered with Credit. With the help of which you can get your CIBIL score easily on Whatsapp, know some things from which you can check the CIBIL score for free.

Through your smartphone number, 8287151151,

You have to give Missed a call to this contact number. After this, your number will be added to the Wishfin Whatsapp chat. Here your information will be asked from you, such as your name, mobile number, date of birth, gender will have to be told to you. After giving all the information, you will be requested for your pan card number, you assure that you keep all your personal information safe and secure for the consumer.

After this, you have to tell your address, remember the address you have given in the Bank Account. You have to tell the same address here. In the next step, you have to add your city, state and pin code. After that, you have to tell your Email ID. You will get a Verification OTP on your Mobile Number which is mentioned in your Whatsapp Chat Box and on the Email ID. One Time OTP you have to enter in the Whatsapp Chat Box.


After that you will get your 1-year credit score in Whatsapp chat, you will be able to see your credit score check free and easily here. After this complete process is complete, you will be excluded from the Wishfin Score chat group, so that your information will be protected.