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BanksIndusInd Credit Card Payment Online in 3 Simple Steps

IndusInd Credit Card Payment Online in 3 Simple Steps

IndusInd Bank is one of the leading banks in India. IndusInd Bank is a new generation bank of India, established in 1994; it is the first new-generation bank of India. The IndusInd bank is a private bank. The IndusInd bank has a great revenue of Rs 18,577.16 crore (2017), operating income Rs 5,451.01 crore (2017), net income Rs 2,867.89 (2017) crore and with a total asset of Rs 178,648 crore (2017), IndusInd is really a good level bank IndusInd has a great status and its one of the most important reasons is credit cards. It is important to pay your IndusInd Bank credit card payment online.

Here are some easy methods to pay you IndusInd Bank credit card bill

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment
IndusInd Bank, indusind credit card payment online

ONLINE PAYMENT: – There are several methods of online payment of your credit card. Some important and most used are.

Indusind Bank Credit Card Payment Through Net Banking

  1. Read the following steps for net banking of your credit card payment of IndusInd Bank.
  2. Register on net banking service.
  3. Login to the IndusInd Bank account.
  4. Open “fund transfer” and select “Add a beneficiary for Visa Credit Card Bill payment” option.
  5. Click in “Transfer Funds” select “To any Visa Card” option.
  6. Select that account from funds that have to transfer i.e. savings/current.
  7. Enter the credit card payment amount.
  8. Confirm the payment by entering a One-Time Password.

ATM – Through Indusind Bank Credit Card Payment

  1. Read the following steps for payment through the ATM of your credit card bill of IndusInd Bank.
  2. Visit an ATM and select “Visa Credit Card Bill Payment”
  3. Select your IndusInd Bank account from which you want to make payment.
  4. Enter “Beneficiary Credit Card Number”.
  5. Confirm the transfer.

Indusind Bank Credit Card Payment Through Visa Money Transfer

  1. Read the following steps for payment through Visa Money Transfer (VMT)
  2. Login to your personal net banking account.
  3. Click “Third Party Fund Transfer” select “Visa Payment”.
  4. Enter the required details:
  5. Beneficiary Name: Card Holder’s Name
  6. Account Number: 16 digit account number
  7. IndusInd Credit Card IFSC Code: INDB0000018

Indusind Bank Credit Card Payment Through NEFT, RTGS OR IMPS

  1. Read the following steps for payment through NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.
  2. NEFT: National Electronic Funds Transfer
  3. RTGS: Real-Time Gross Settlement
  4. IMPS: Immediate Payment Service
  5. First, you have to add your account to beneficiaries.
  6. Log in to your other bank’s banking portal.
  7. Click on Funds Transfer and select NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
  8. Enter the details and review specially IndusInd IFSC Code.
  9. Fill up the amount and transfer funds.

Using UPI Payment

  1. Read the following steps for payment through UPI.
  2. Download and register on an app which supports UPI payment.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Click on the UPI payment section.
  5. Select Fund Transfer
  6. Enter the payment amount and IndusInd Bank IFSC Code- INDB0000018.
  7. Complete your transaction.


IndusInd Bank is part of the SWIFT Organization (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) which allows you to send a wire transfer from any local branch aboard to pay the credit card payment. Read the following steps for the SWIFT pay option.

  1. Bill desk portal is used by Swift Pay for make the IndusInd Credit card payment.
  2. Enter the required details such as email ID, amount etc.
  3. Use the net banking portal for payment.
  4. Enter the amount for transfer and confirm the details.


There are a lot of offline methods for making payment of IndusInd Credit Card. Some major and important are.

  1. CASH: – Read the following steps to make payment of your IndusInd credit card bill through cash.
  2. Visit your nearby IndusInd Bank branch.
  3. To make a payment, fill the deposit form and submit it at the counter.
  4. A Rs 100 is a charge for this type of fund transfer.
  5. CHEQUE: – Read the following steps for payment of your IndusInd Bank credit card bill through cheque.
  6. Drop the cheque in the dropbox any branch of IndusInd Bank.
  7. The details of the credit card number and other required details should be mention on the cheque.
  8. Mention all details correctly and prefer a review.


Auto debit payment means that your credit card payment will be directly done from your account. Read the following steps for payment through auto-debit payment.

  1. Download, fill, and submit the Auto Debit mandate form from IndusInd Bank’s official website.
  2. This facility will ensure the debit of the pre-determined amount for your credit card bill payment.
  3. It depends on you to select that what you want to pay the total outstanding or minimum payment due from the account.

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