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Financial PlanningHere's How Bollywood Stars Manage Their Money

Here’s How Bollywood Stars Manage Their Money

Everyone has interest to see the work of their favorite star. How they earn and work? What are the measures they adopt to earn money other than movie. Almost every star have their own investments plans. The investment is might be in the form of hotels, restaurant or even real estate investment. Almost every stars those who have big-name and money has his own hotels and other different property. We all know that stars also make money by advertisement.

These advertisements give them a huge amount in very less work and time when compared with a movie. It is a truth that when you have money you can make more from them. They have very large amount of money so they have a lot ideas regarding the investment. They have their manager who looks after the money making sources. Some has the hotels and restaurant while some have different cricket teams and other team.

Akshay kumar

One of the most famous star of industry. People love him not only for his good acting but also for his social influence. He is one of the famous stars who donate in huge amount. In recent days is famous for donation for covid19 fund and army martyrs fund. He has developed a platform (bharat ke veer) for army martyrs so that whole country can donate for them. His earning is not only from movies but from advertisement and also owns football team. He has lots of investment in outside India. He owns a resort in Dubai and has bunglow in other countries. Also he is able to earn money by promoting different brands.

Ajay Devgan

Another bollywood star who has got a lot of love from audience. A famous action hero of 90s and also has a lot of action movies till now. When we see Ajay devgan investment it is quite different from other. He has invested is solar project in Gujarat with Roha group and Kumar Manget. He was not interested just in making but also have intention to do for environment development. Also has production house. He also used to branding of many products to make money.

Abhishek Bachhan

He has quite interest other than screen. He is presently stakeholder of two sports franchises i.e. the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Chennai’s FC. Also promotes Hero India super league. The Jaipur Pink panther is owned by the Anand Mahindra. Abhishek is a stakeholder of the team.

Shahrukh Khan

He is very famous actor of bollywood. Once he was highest paid actor of bollywood and second highest in overall. He has a famous IPL team and also has a team in Caribbean league. Apart from this he has resort in Dubai. He also owns an island in UAE. A lot of investment all around the world is done by him. He also has a production house which is run by his wife Gauri Khan. He used to do movies mainly under his own production house.

Bollywood Stars Manage Their Money
Bollywood Stars Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

Preity Zinta

She is far away from the light of Bollywood. Once she was one of the famous actors of bollywood. Present day she has partnership in IPL team namely Kings 11 Punjab. Many other investments like hotels and resorts are in her name or work with co-partner. So once you have name and money then you may able to make more and more in less time. Every stars of bollywood had shown this trick.

Shilpa Shetty

She emerged as a famous tycoon of fitness She has a program of her own “Want to relax and pamper yourself?” She got famous all over the world when she able to win Big Brother 5 the famous British show She also has a chain of spas in Mumbai along with her husband She and her husband have a great business all over India and they look after it.

Sushmita Sen

The former miss universe famous for her look and acting skill is now quite away from the screen. But she is doing some other work to make money. She is presently owner of event managing company named Tantra Entertainment. Also has a restaurant in Mumbai. She is a very noble and kind hearted woman. She always used to donate among orphaned children.

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