Great Opportunity To Invest In The US Stock Market, Just One App

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If you want to invest in the US stock market, then there is good news for you. In fact, Indian investors will be able to invest in the US stock market only from their mobiles. You will have a chance to earn big profits by investing money in the shares of big companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Indian investors will get an opportunity to invest in these companies in the US stock market through a special global investment platform. In fact, Drivewealth, a leading US company in global digital trading technology, has joined hands with Winvesta Limited. WinVista is a recently launched UK-based global investment platform, serving India and the US.

American global digital trading technology

Company Drivewealth has announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with UK-based Winvesta Ltd to expand the scope of its global investment platform. Now this company will offer Indian investors across India to buy shares in preferred companies of the US stock market through mobile apps.

WinVista will now offer its consumers the opportunity to invest in a well-known brand in the US on a real-time basis, with DriveWealth being one of its hallmarks. It is worth noting that Winvesta Limited has a 95% market share in India, where 75% of online activity is the only mobile phone. Let us know that this company is going to launch its technology in partnership with Drivewealth later this year in the UK also.

WinVista launches app

WinVista has thus launched its app through Android, which has a 95 percent market share exclusively in India, with about 75 percent of online activity on mobile phones. Explain that the firm plans to roll out its technology in the UK later this year with the help of Drivewealth. The partnership between Winvesta and Drivewealth will make it easier for Indians to invest globally. Generally, Indian investors are not able to invest abroad as much as foreign investors do in India.

Swastik Nigam, founder, and CEO of Golden Chance Winvesta for Indian investors says it is quite surprising that less than 0.1 percent of Indian money is invested outside the country. They say that Corona has had a significant impact on the Indian portfolio and the sharp comeback in the US markets has led to the problem of maintaining domestic bias. In such a situation, the opening of new doors of investment to Indians would be a better initiative. Drivewealth’s API-based technology and the Winvesta Tech team have made successful investments in the US market amid extremely difficult conditions.

Invest In US Stock Market - WinVesta

Drivewealth has broadened its scope

Drivewealth has partnered across 6 continents globally, opening the way for investment in the US market for all types of investors from India, USA, Nigeria, and Brazil. It has also made a great offer in Europe with Revolute. At the same time, Robert Cortright, CEO of Drivewealth, expressed happiness over meeting his technology and infrastructure Winvesta. Because this will enable the investors of India to access American stocks easily.

According to Swastik Nigam, founder, and CEO of Winvesta, “It is very surprising that less than 0.1% of Indian money has been invested across the border.” According to him, because of the COVID-19, the Indian portfolio and the US markets have seen the problem of how difficult it is to handle the situation of domestic bias. In this sense, partnering with Drivewealth is an important step to give Indian investors a chance for global investment.


The use of Winvesta Drivewealth’s technology will help Indian investors access the American stock market through a mobile app. That is, you will be able to invest in your favorite American companies with a mobile app.

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