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Stock marketDifference between Goog Vs Googl ( Do you know?)

Difference between Goog Vs Googl ( Do you know?)

What is difference between Goog and Googl

Both GOOG and GOOGL is two most famous stock ticker of the company alphabet. So the company is part or subsidiary of the alphabet (formerly google). When we look a close view in them it will be found that the basic difference in these companies are GOOGL shares voting rights but GOOG don’t. The company alphabet has established the two categories of shares in the year 2014 in the month of April. The main reason for the division to maintain the control of the company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Some notable points

  • The parent company is alphabet. These are two subsidiaries of alphabet.
  • The company GOOGL shares has class-A shares or popularly known as common stock.
  • Class – C shares is done by the GOOG.

Understanding them

The company alphabet has a rock-solid belief regarding its target to organize the information of the world. This mission might hurt when there will be shareholders from the market. Shareholders often believe in current profit, not for the long term. So this was a good way to take advantage of the market capital. So they can have the voting right without losing control over the company.


As discussed above the company shares are classified as Class- A type shares. This class A share is popularly known as common shares. It provides the most common types of investors. They use to give voting rights and ownership to the investors.


It shares are Class – C type shares. In this they give investor the ownership stake but don’t share the voting rights. Due to this the can trade with discount as compared to class A type shares.

Goog Vs Googl: Alphabet Inc, What's the difference?
Goog and Googl Image Source: personal-finance.in

What are classes

As we have discussed about class. Now let us try to understand what this class actually means.

Class A – It is held by some regular investors with their voting rights which were followed in GOOGL.
Class B – It hold by the founders. It also has voting right. It has 10 times voting rights in comparison to class A.
Class C– Well, this class has no voting rights. These are basically held by the employees and investors. This is followed by GOOG.

So this is the definition and distribution of the class.

It is well known that Alphabet is one of the most famous and big brands of the world. It has a great internet traffic and search these create a type of monopoly claiming over 91% of the market. No any company lies even near around of it. The founders are working hard to get more and more investment to achieve a great success. They want to apply all the possibilities of its development and betterment. They don’t believe in short term goals. But they have some big plan for future and are working over it.

So this is the analysis of the topic. I hope you had understood this quite comfortably. For any suggestion please write in the comment box.

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