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LoanGet a Loan from Home, the Contactless Banking

Get a Loan from Home, the Contactless Banking

In this scenario of pandemic, government is trying to do everything which can stop the spread. This is one of the important moves not by the government by some institutions to help people and country. This pandemic spreads among everyone and at any place. So must try to ignore to go out.

Is it possible to get loan from home? Can we get loan without going to bank or any financial institutions? The answer is yes, you can. It sounds little amazing but this is true. In this era of lockdown this is possible. We all know that the world is suffering from the pandemic covid19 which really a serious issue for whole world. The disease spreads from human to human so there is chance of getting infected when you come in contact. So the government is trying to avoid the direct contact with any person. The infected person may infect you and you may infect others.

So it will be good to stay at home. But the requirement of money and other things can’t be stopped. Those requirements will continue so you need money for those necessities. Here are some of the ways to which are available to take loan from home.

Online application of loan, some banks helps to provide contact less loan

When the disease starts spreading and people came to know about the human to human spread. Many banks had made some special provision to take loan in online way. In this facility you may apply for the loan online. You will also be able to get approval of your papers just by uploading them to the bank site. The bank employee will see your credit score and the papers you uploaded. If some more papers are require then they may contact you. They might assist you via phone or mail. If you are able to fulfill the criteria then they will approve the loan. It consists of digital KYC by sending the OTP. Some banks doing this via video call to the customer. This is a perfect move at perfect time. The bank will do KYC to know the customer very well before approving the loan.

If you have previous bank account or loan account

This could be also a very helpful way that. If you have already existing account in the bank from which you want to take loans. This could be quite helpful because KYC has been already done. If you had taken loan early and had very good repayment record then it will be beneficial. If you had done the repayment on time, it means your credit score is healthy. The healthy credit score and your good track record will make the task easy. In this case you will be able to get loans quite easily just by fulfilling the requirements.

Can get online loans from different sites

Many sites are available to give credit for short term. These sites can’t give you much money. If you need some money in some thousands then this could be helpful. This also helps you to give some goods which are available on the sites and will give you time to pay for it. This might be helpful for those who don’t require huge amount or cash. So this is also a good option if you have a good track record with the site.

Loan - Handwriting
Loan – Handwriting Image Source: Picpidea

Get help from your friends and relatives

If you are unable to get loan from the above option then this could be helpful. Everyone has a family and a family always stands with you when you need. If you are in need then remove all hesitation and ask your family for help. India is famous for world’s largest joint family. Some of your friend might be in good position then you may ask them for money. If they give then it will be very beneficial. It is also important to make good credit record in them if you have take it earlier from one. This will be perfect time to utilize it. A friend always stands with you when you are in tough condition. You may also ask your friend for this. If you have a good understanding and if he is in position to help then he surely helps you.

So, these are some of the ways by which you can be able to get loan or credit from home. The contactless system will flourish in this pandemic and this might continue. Everyone is looking for this and supporting this. In coming future some more banks might provide this type facilities to their customer.

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