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Who Donate Money For Corona In India

The cases of coronavirus infection in India are slowly increasing. At an equivalent time, the amount of infected people has increased to 498. The Ministry of Health has confirmed Coronavirus infection patients are 478 cases of which 40 patients are foreign. The lockdown was declared in 548 districts in 30 states insight of the increasing impact of the coronavirus. The article is to offer updates about Coronavirus and other people who contributed and donated money to coronavirus infection people. Donate Money For Corona In India

The whole country is locked down due to Coronavirus in India

A whole country is locked down due to Coronavirus in India. A buyer at a milk shop said the govt had taken the proper steps to regulate the spread of the coronavirus, but the govt would need to tell the time when shops selling essential goods would remain open.

information about coronavirus
information about coronavirus

Comedy actor Kapil

Comedy actor Kapil has given information about this assistance on social media. He wrote – it’s time to face those that need us. I’m supporting 50 lakh rupees within the PM Relief Fund for this war happening from Corona. Also, pray to everyone to remain home, be safe. Kapil has also supported the campaign started by the Art of Living to assist the daily wage laborers. Through this campaign, a laborer is going to be given a ration bag for 10 days, which is worth 1000 rupees.

The movie industry was packed up from 19 March to stop Coronavirus infection. Seeing the growing threat within the country, this locked down will now continue till April 15. In such a situation, none of the large personalities of Bollywood had yet progressed to assist the daily wage workers of the industry and therefore the Corona victims across the country. But Hrithik Roshan and Hrithik have bought masks for BMC.

Hrithik Roshan – Donate Money For Corona In India

Cooperation within the campaign by Hrithik also gave 20 lakhs to BMC: aside from Kapil, Hrithik Roshan is that other star who has bought masks for Mumbai municipal employees within the battle against Corona. consistent with social media, the entire cost of those masks is 20 lakh rupees.

Superstar Mahesh Babu & Bahubali Star Prabhas

Superstar Mahesh Babu also announced on social media that to tackle this epidemic, he’s donating one crore. After Mahesh Babu, actor Prabhas has also announced to donate an amount of 1 crore. Bahubali star Prabhas has decided to donate 1 crore in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh CM Relief Fund.

Superstar Pawan Kalyan & Kamal Hassan

In view of the coronavirus India, a lockdown was declared within the entire country, which had the best impact on the workers and therefore the poor. therefore the South superstars have started arising on this matter and donating money to the government’s relief fund. South’s superstar Pawan Kalyan donated two crore rupees, actor Ram Charan also donated 70 lakh rupees. Famous South actor Kamal Hassan has given permission to convert this residential to the hospital, especially for Coronavirus infection patients.

P.V. Sindhu – Donate Money For Corona In India

Badminton player as P.V. Sindhu donated a total amount of Rs 10 lakhs to infectious people who are fighting against coronavirus in India. PV Sindhu has donated a total amount of Rs 5 lakh each to the government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Telangana Chief Minister Relief Funds and they will fight against COVID-19 diseases.

Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly

Indian cricketers also helped out at the time of this deadly health crisis during Coronavirus in India. Indian skipper Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and lots of more have made noteworthy contributions to assist relief and medical work everywhere the country.

MS Dhoni – Donate Money For Corona In India

Dhoni’s has provided donations as relief kits in Pune to the daily wage workers who are the worst affected from the novel coronavirus pandemic. The relief kit consists of various basic essential daily items used in day to day life such as soap, rice, flour, oil, grains, pulses, biscuits, tea, sugar, spices, etc. Following Dhoni’s kindness gesture. Dhoni also donated the total amount of Rs 11.5 lakhs to the campaign.

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