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What Are The Best Credit Card Hacks?

You must have heard a lot of forgery. (Credit Card Hacks) Hackers hack and misuse users’ debit cards or credit cards. This is a process that hackers mostly use to steal credit card data, known as formjacking. Basically, form jacking is a process in which hackers inject malicious JavaScript code into payment checkout web pages of different shopping sites. Read this article in its entirety so that you can know how you can protect your debit or credit.

How do hackers steal your credit/debit card data?

Well, now that Diwali is about to come, in this case, hackers will try their luck to trap people and take them out. As we all know that before Diwali, everyone starts shopping online. However, you must be careful while shopping, as it seems that hackers are now targeting the check out page on the website to steal credit card data.

Formjacking: Credit Card Hacks

Explain that Formjacking is a process in which hackers inject malicious JavaScript code into the checkout web pages of different shopping sites. Therefore, when a user enters credit or debit card details to complete a purchase, the information is immediately passed on to the hackers.

Implementing the hacking process is very easy and any hacker who has a lot of technical knowledge can use form jacking easily. Not only that but security firm Norton also claimed that they had blocked 248,000 instances of form jacking since mid-August. The number of hackers is much higher than the previous data i.e. now the hackers are also looking at your shopping.

Not only this, Norton has also claimed that the huge increase in the form jacking effort is a matter of concern. The cybersecurity company also claimed that this year the form jacking efforts have been done on a larger scale and more than before.

How does form jacking work?

Formjacking is one of the most commonly used hacking techniques by hackers. Suppose you are buying a product from Amazon and you have decided to pay for a credit card purchase. On the last page of the payment, where you will be asked to enter the credit card information, Melisius is involved in JavaScript injection and it collects all the data you entered and sends it to the hacker’s server. After obtaining the credit card information, the attacker can easily use the details wherever he wants.

What makes this hacking attack scary?

This year we have seen a form jacking campaign which was run by a group called Magecraft. The attack targeted Ticketmaster, British Airways, Feedify, and Newegg.

Phishing: Credit Card Hacks

Phishing is actually a fraud email, with the help of which you are asked for data. It looks like real. Hacker tries to assure you through phishing emails that he is asking for bank account information or other data for your benefit.

For example, an email comes from your bank stating that your debit card has been canceled and a new card will be issued to you only after stating the card number or Aadhaar number. You may think that the bank has asked for this information from you, but it can be a hacker.


What is smishing: Credit Card Hacks

This is also a way of phishing in which you give personal information to someone over the phone or SMS. It is emerging as a new threat in the case of online security.

How is theft

By using software engineering, someone asks for your personal information from you and you give it to him. In this, information is taken from you using your trust. The attacker can ask you for anything from an online password to bank account details or OTP / CVV. Once the data is received, he can use your information in many ways. Many times these messages also come in small links, on which you have to give the necessary information on clicking.

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