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BlogCRED App Review: is CRED app safe and rewards

CRED App Review: is CRED app safe and rewards

A lot of people use credit cards in India, but do you know that you can get rewards and how to get credit from your Credit Card Payment, through credit card payment you can earn money. CRED App Review, is CRED app safe?.

If you use a credit card, then the thing to think about is that you have to pay the bill for whatever you shop with a credit card, but if you change to make a credit card payment, you will also get a reward and cashback.

We can earn money through an app in which we can pay all the credit bills and payment, the app name is CRED app, so I will tell you about the CRED app.

Is CRED app safe

CRED apps are PCI DSS v3.2.1 certified companies, meaning the CRED app has implemented applicable industry-standard security controls operated by PCI Council and helps protect all of its customer’s card data in a highly secure manner. And CRED app has successfully completed UPI compliance as per Circulars 15B and 32 by NPCI. The CRED app is an ISO 27001: 2013 certified company successfully meeting the “data localization” requirements as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines.

What is exactly The CRED and how we can use it?

You can get rewards and cashback from your credit card payment and various bills payment from CRED app is used to design. And we can easily manage credit cards.

Xiaomi has been offering apps and services to users for quite some time and this time the company has entered the financial sector. Xiaomi has launched its Mi credit App for all Android users. The company says that with the help of this app, users will be able to get a loan in five minutes. A special feature has also been provided in this app, by which users will be able to share requests with others and can also offer help to others.

The main reason for this huge popularity of the CRED App is the credit card payment and the cashback and rewards received on the payment of the bill because you can easily pay all credit bills to get the best rewards on the CRED app and many people like this CRED app.

Benefits of using CRED App

Credit cards bills and payment can be easily paid.

You will get the best rewards and cashbacks on various payments of CRED apps.

By using the app, you can check all the charges on your credit card.

Through a CRED App, you can pay UPI payment, net banking payment and bills for debit card.

All notifications are available from CRED App when to pay and how much to pay.

You get a reward point or cashback every time you pay a bill with CRED App

You can check your Credit Card report and Credit Card Score using the CRED App.

You can use the CRED App on both Android and Apple platforms.

How to use CRED

Let us tell you that not everyone can use the CRED App, only those Credit Card users can use it, whose credit score is 750 or more, so if your credit score is good, then you should definitely use the CRED App.

CRED App Review Youtube Video

How to use CRED App


First download the CRED App from Google Play Store or click on the button below.

Step- 2

After you install the CRED app, you can enter your smartphone number which is directly linked to your bank account.

Step- 3

Now if your credit score is good, then your account becomes Approval and registered by entering mobile OTP.

Step- 4

After completing You now have to enter your bank account name with Gmail account id.

Step- 5

Now you can verify By entering a credit card with details.

In this way, you can easily use the CRED App.

This app shows various details such as Credit card Balance, Credit Card Bills and payment dates etc. is CRED app safe?

For those using Friends Credit Card, CRED App is very beneficial and is completely safe, by using it you can get cashback on every payment and payment of bill.

So we hope that this article of ours must have been beneficial for you and you must have now understood what the CRED App is and how to use it, so if you like our article, then share it with your friends.

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