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BanksCheck Your Bank Balance With These 7 Simple Methods

Check Your Bank Balance With These 7 Simple Methods

It is well to know how much money you have. To make monthly budget you must be known of your account balance. If you don’t have the detail of your money you will fail to make the planning and money management. So, we will discuss about some of the ways to check the bank balance so that you could be aware towards it.

Mobile apps

There are many mobile apps are available for this purpose. Different banks have different apps. You must check those apps from the store then download it. After registering yourself with the app you will be able to get your balance availability. These apps may differ for different banks. This is a form of online checking balance.

Sending text messages

In this facility a special number is provided by the bank to their customer. You must have that number and you have a linked mobile number to send message. In this process one can send text message from the registered mobile number and can get balance status in reply. There are different numbers for different banks.

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G-pay app

In this app there is also a facility to check balance if you had made account and has as UPI address. By using your UPI number you will be able to check the account balance. This is also very helpful and safe way to check your balance. This is also an online process of checking balance.

Visiting the ATM

In every ATM the facility of balance is available. When you enter your ATM option of balance enquiry is available. By choosing that option you will be able to know your account balance and even you can take the receipt for this.

From bank counter

When you go to bank couhttps://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/atm.aspnter there is a facility available for asking about your balance. Also you can update your passbook and then from the last amount available you may know the balance.

Notification from the bank

The alert option is available for your mobile number. You should avail this facility and must have alert option by message. In this process whenever your money got deducted you will get a message. This is also an important way to know the how to check bank balance.

Calling the bank

Yes, this facility is also available by many banks. If you are using one of those banks then you may just call the bank and ask about your account status. But, this facility is very limited. Bank have huge rush of customer so they might ignore this. So, try to use online checking balance.

These are some of the ways for checking balance. It also depends on some of the banks. Many banks provide personal service to customer but paid. I hope this will educate you and help to learn something different.

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