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Best Financial Gift To Your Mother In International Mother’s Day 2020


International Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10th May where motherhood is a joyful experience but it is often quite demanding too, especially once you need to juggle with work, household chores, and raising children. and therefore the challenges increase workload when you are a mother and need to get all the work done by yourself. Investments are a scientific approach to wealth creation, investment is the process of generating extra money by combining itself into bigger savings over a period of your time. Simply put, investing is nothing but how to extend one’s savings, Mother’s Day 2020.

Traditionally, India has always been a savings-intensive nation. The domestic savings rate within the country was around 26 percent of household income in 2020. An outsized part of the savings of this house is often attributed to the woman of the house. Women in India are always saved using traditional savings methods like employing a basic bank account, saving the cash, or using fixed deposits. So here we will show how women can follow the investment tips before starting their financial journey.

Educate yourself

Before you begin investing, it’s important that you simply first educate yourself. attempt to read and learn more about the financial instruments and schemes available within the market. Various finance apps, workshops, and online and offline personal finance courses are available. Educating yourself and asking questions is the only thanks to set about things mother’s day 2020.

Mothers Day 2020 Financial Gift
Mothers Day 2020 Financial Gift Photo credits Canva

Start early and roll with the level of planning

Various low-risk investment options like PPF and Recurring Deposit (RD) are good for starting. A minimum amount of Rs 500 per annum is required to take a position in them. The PPF also provides tax benefits on an annual basis at a maximum of Rs 1,50,000. So, a hard and fast deposit (FD) of Rs 1,00,000 is often invested which can offer you anywhere between 5-8.25 percent interest counting on the quantity and maturity period. These accounts are often opened online without getting to the bank and that they also are tax-free savings schemes.

Take an insurance policy

Often women ignore insurance. While women have higher anticipation and lifestyle-related incidents and illnesses, they avoid personal medical because they are typically covered by parents and/or husbands under family policies. As far as life assurance in India cares, the orthodox narrative is that a husband will buy life assurance to make sure a far better life for his wife and youngsters. Thus, there’s no need for the wife to buy life assurance. However, both insurance and life assurance are important to make sure financial security and supply additional tax benefits on various schemes.

Boost Investment

There are many investment schemes like SIP, open-end fund, Equity. Once you understand these, things become easier, and your ability to boost money increases exponentially. Various tools like money management apps and online tutorials are available online to know financial management. Additionally, anyone can approach a financial advisor for questions associated with money.

Mothers Day 2020 Financial Gift
Mothers Day 2020 Financial Gift Photo credits Canva

Retirement planning

Other main financial commitments, don’t forget to line aside an amount monthly to create your old age pension. Don’t cancel on this Retirement planning. Let the facility of compounding work on your money. The earlier you begin, the mightier your fund will grow. You would like to take a position in aggressive, inflation-beating assets to create a long-term fund for your children’s higher education/ marriage and retirement. Equity-oriented mutual funds are often an honest choice. You will start investing through SIP in mutual funds. In this manner, you will start small and boost your contribution with an increase in income. So Retirement planning is necessary for your life.

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