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BlogAvoiding These 3 Common Social Mistakes and How to Stay Protected

Avoiding These 3 Common Social Mistakes and How to Stay Protected

As the whole world is suffering from the pandemic of COVID 19. People are losing their life like losing an easy game. No country is unaffected from this virus. Many are struggling to provide medical assistance to the patients and many countries are making large no. of graves which is really a heartfelt moment. Even so many countries are here where there is insufficient food to satisfy the needs of their people and even water is not properly available. For example- South Africa 1/3rd population doesn’t have enough water to wash their hands daily. This might be amazing but it is true. In this lockdown and the moment of darkness some care of you and your family members can protect their life. Lets’ have a short discussion on them

Avoid spreading rumor and fake messages

As we know social media is a great platform to spread any message regarding such a hot topic, any message regarding this spreads like current in the society without knowing the fact. So first of all try to avoid such types of messages which really make no sense. So, how to judge message- when you get such types of messages just try to explore the reality behind it. Suppose if you got any message regarding the government notice then try to search that, is the government really gives any notice regarding this? Or is it false? So when you get the answer then spread those answer screenshots to your friends and say him to forward more and more. This is one of the important ways to protect you and your family from COVID-19.

A woman wearing a mask | safe from coronavirus
A woman wearing a mask | safe from coronavirus | Image Source Pixabay

Stop watching all-time news with your elders

Yes, this is true. The continuous listening of news about the coronavirus may affect the health of the elder adversely because of tension created in their mind which makes a poor impact on their heart this will be really dangerous for them who have any heart disease or even have problems high blood pressure. This continuous news listening may affect their heart and makes some trouble because of overthinking of mind.

Stop gathering

This is the time when everyone should be alone and live reserved. Try to avoid any place or even function to avoid gathering. Gathering at one place with different people is one of the major sources of corona outbreak and spread so try to avoid this. If any marriage function is in your family or any party then you must avoid to go and stop your elders to go there.

After seeing the mistakes lets’ have a look about the measures we should take to avoid the corona

Following the government’s direction

Ministry of health affairs has provided many important steps to be followed and we should follow them sincerely. Try to build the immunity of the body since it has no proper medicine so one should try to eat those foods which can help to retain the immunity of the body.

  • Avoid traveling.
  • Use of mask and sanitizer.
Protect Themselves new Coronavirus Video From World Health Organization (WHO)

Well, these are some of the important measures by applying them we could be able to stop corona spread. As there is still no proper medicine and the way of vaccine is quite long so the only thing which can save is prevention.

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