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Groww App Review: Mutual Fund Investing App | is Groww app safe?

Have you been thinking of investing in mutual funds for a long time? And now you get to know about the Groww app from somewhere. And you are thinking of investing in mutual funds through the groww app. But you have many questions in your mind like Is the groww app safe? and how to invest in mutual funds through the groww app And how much does the grow-w app charge? and there will be many questions, so today we know about the Grow-w app, so let’s start.

Is groww app safe to invest

Yes, Groww is AMFI and BSE certified (certificate). This is their registration number INA20008981. You can check their certification of registration with SEBI and certificate of registration with AMFI and BSE.

What is Groww app

The Groww app is an Android application from which you can invest in mutual funds. And it is very simple and free. Which does not require any paperwork and you can invest in Mutual Funds of any company at any time. That is, you can buy and sell. The best part – you invest directly in mutual funds, you can do SIP for free with zero commission. And you can also track invested mutual funds.

Why Mutual Funds Are The Best Way To Start Investing

What you must have to register in Groww App.

It is very easy to registration in Groww App. Just have some important documents.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Detail
  • Internet Banking
  • Google Account / Gmail
Groww App and website picture
Groww App and website picture

The biggest advantage of buying and selling mutual funds from a mobile app is the convenience and ease of transactions. Some of these apps, such as Paytm Money, Groww, Coin, etc., are offering direct mutual fund plans to invest and, therefore, save on the costs incurred by the investment.

How do I withdraw money from Groww?

  • Tap on ‘Withdraw’.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw tap ‘Withdraw’ and do it!
  • The withdrawal money will be immediately credited to your account.

What is Mutual Fund and SIP How it Works? In Hindi

How does the Groww app make money.

The first and important question that can come to anyone’s mind is – How does Groww make money? Neither does it take commissions like consultants or agents, so how does it make money? Groww makes money by offering advisory services and add-on premium features to its users.

What can you do in the Groww

  • Invest in any Fund (SIP and One-Time)
  • Redeem from any Fund with the Click of a Button
  • Switch from Regular Funds to Direct Mutual Fund
  • Add More Money in Existing Mutual Funds

Groww Customer Care Number

You can get in touch with the Groww customer care team via the Help page or directly email them on support@groww.in A live chat option is also available on the platform using which you can chat live online with their representative.

Best Mutual Fund Apps in India for Android & iOS

App Name Direct Investment Rating
KFinkart Yes 4.1/5
ETMoney Yes 4.8/5
Groww Yes 4.7/5
Paytm Money Yes 4.6/5

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