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7 Best Options in India to Increase Your Money Faster Than Bank

In past day human use bullock cart for their movement which was quite slow and tough to travel long distances so they to try change this and this need leads to the invention of modern machines. Well as the time changes the method of investment also changes as that way. People want from more than that in the modernized all this is possible in many form and options available. So, if we compare then bank would be that bullock cart and “other options” are like modern machines. So let us have a look about that “other options”. Here are some of the best bank alternatives in India.

Direct equity

Making investment in stock market is a risky game there may be gain or loss but the direct equity option gives guaranteed returns. It takes much time to give good return if we compare with stock but there is no chance of loss it will give you a return always higher than bank and with safety. To avail this one should have a DEMAT ACCOUNT.

Debt mutual fund

This option is suitable for those who really want steady returns. The option of volatility is very less so this is also gives you the stability against the risk of loss. It gives fix interest rate. It is for generating securities like government security, treasury bills etc.

Indian notes and coin, Best Bank Alternatives in India
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Fix deposit

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It can be also a good option for those who have money for long time other than the use. This will give fix tenure for its maturity after the maturity period it will provide you a good interest as compared to other bank interest options. So, this could be more helpful for those who want more from bank and have money for long time.

National pension scheme

One of the most famous policy of India. This is also a long term facility which can be availed from the bank. In this policy those who want to avail this can put 1000 to 6000 rs. Up to the age of 60 and will get a pension till the end of life. This is very helpful for those who want to secure a pension for them after the job this is the best bank alternatives.

Real estate business

This is one of the best options to make huge amount in less time. it is also very safe because value of any mortgage or property never goes down. It can be used for self also there is no loss but if you intended to earn then this could be the best way to increase your money rapidly in very less time. This is one of the most famous options of the world to make huge profit. The location and area of the property will be the only factor which affects the doubling of the profit.

Taxable bonds of RBI

These most bonds are provided by RBI so there is no risk of loss at any cost. These bonds have tenure of 7 years. This will provide a rate of 8%. This is a national scheme so anyone can avail this option.

Senior citizens’ saving scheme

This also one of the famous schemes of government, specially amongst the senior citizens. As the name clears that only those who age is more than 60 years could avail this facility. This facility could be availed from the post office or banks. It has 5 year tenure and there is option available to extend the term after the maturity completion.

Well these are some of the best bank alternatives which can be easily availed in India. All the discussed have very less or risk free. If you have any suggestion regarding this, you are welcome in the comment box.

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